Domain pulse 2017

Two weeks ago I have had my ten minutes of fame in Vienna, presenting a tiny bit of facts & figures regarding new gTLDs. The presentation (video and slides) is included in this post, but unfortunately it is in German. Because of that, I will give you a quick summary of what I said:


  1. new gTLD registration numbers are constantly (more or less, peaks smoothed out) going up. (Page 2)
  2. We had four noteworthy peaks since 2014 and .xyz is (the biggest part of) the reason in all four of them. It’s either “Oh look, Google is now Alphabet and registered a .xyz domain name!” or “Hey, wanna buy a .xyz domain for more or less free?“. While there are seemingly useful domain names being registered throughout those peaks, the majority of them consists of names like “tnnby”, “wyj198” orappel-ic1ocud

    or simply “aqqkfqaqqq”. (Page 2-7)

  3. The western world is way more conservative in spending money in new gTLDs than the eastern world. There is little to no difference between the US and Europe when it comes to the way investments are being made, while it feels like the US is more vocal about it, though (through news outlets, blogs, etc.). Note: This is with reference to the way of investing, not the amount of money spent. (Page 3-7)
  4. Anonymous registrations are rising because Registrars begin enabling anonymous registration of domain names by default. Most anonymous registrations account to Asia. (Page 7)
  5. Local registration times reflect working hours (time span and amount) in each region. (Pages 8-11)
  6. Two pie charts displaying the distribution of new gTLD types by amount of TLDs and amount of domains. (Page 12)

You can find the video of the presentation (again, in German) here and the presentation itself here. Thanks for reading!


P.S.: Make sure to also check out the presentation (Video in english and presentation itself) Patrick Myles, Data Analyst at CENTR, with a bunch of interesting data as well!