The raw data approach (Or: Why we display 190+ companies instead of Donuts Inc.)

Ever since launched, the highest priority was to show all the statistics in a rather raw and untampered fashion. We even had day long discussions about how to display even the smallest things, because one of our concerns was that someone might accuse us of displaying statistics in such a way that it would let those statistics shine in a very specific light – the light of our personal opinion. And that is what we don’t want.

A perfect example for how we try to keep data raw is how we handle gTLD deletion cycles:

  • Auto-renew grace period: When an active domain enters the auto-renew grace period (usually 45 days), it is about to expire, but not yet deleted. Thus, even though the domain might not be present in the zone file anymore, we are still listing it as registered – because technically it is.
  • Redemption grace period: Once the domain enters the redemption grace period, we still list it as registered, because – I know it gets boring, but – it is still registered. Also, the (soon to be former) owner of the domain could still get the domain back into former glory. Yet, every domain in this period will be accounted into our websites “upcoming deletes”-number.
  • Deletion period: No changes here, because we don’t know how long the domain will be in the deletion period. It will be deleted from our statistics as soon as it is – well – deleted. Until then, it is – ahem – technically still registered.

Back to topic. Last week we’ve received a lot of feedback from you guys regarding on how we handle the statistical display of stuff, especially Donuts Inc. stuff. Donuts Inc. is, for obvious reasons and like other Registries, incorporating a new company for each gTLD. Our “raw data” approach confused some people, since you weren’t able to see what company belongs to Donuts Inc. Good news, we’ve changed it! [Big sigh of relief, we know]

And we even changed it in a way that lets us maintain our “raw data” approach: From now on, all the Registries who follow the “one TLD, one company”-scheme will be listed right after those “one-tld-companies” in brackets.