The nTLDStats way

If you look at other websites providing statistics for new gTLDs, you’ll find similar numbers all along. Of course you’d think that those statistics must be right, since they basically look all the same. And then there’s nTLDStats. The website that always has different numbers. Sometimes not so much different than the other websites, but then there are also times in which there is a big drop on other statistic websites while there is none on nTLDStats. I remember when .xyz had that drop after their first year. Everyone else displayed that drop immediately as the domains got removed from the zone file. We didn’t. It’s “German Gründlickeit“. We care about very accurate statistics, which is why we take into account the domain life cycle. And that’s only one of the little things that we take into consideration while providing statistics. Sure, most people only want to see “how the TLD is doing”. For them it doesn’t matter whether a TLD with over 2 million domains has 2000 domains more on nTLDStats than on other statistic websites. But then again, if we wouldn’t provide such accurate data, no one would. And we have a hand full of customers who actually care about that seemingly neglectable difference.

Key-Systems and Google RegistryLet me give you another example: Transfers. We track domain transfers. No one else does. And the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that it’s something everyone should do, because it is important. Let’s use Key-Systems as an example. They registered about 179.000 new gTLD domains. Additionally, roughly 6k have been transferred to Key-Systems. From those 185k, about 15.000 have been transferred away. That’s 8% – and in new gTLDs, that’s quite something. Where did they go? Say “hello” to Google (sorry, I’ll never get used to Alphabet)! 53% of their current domains are transfer-ins. 50% from Key-Systems, 3% from other Registrars and 47% are actually registered by Google. And the transfers are still happening: We see domains moving from KS to Google in March, April and in May.


And the last example: Parking! Not that important anymore, but in 2014, people were actually interested in whether the new gTLDs are being used or not.

These stats (and others) are only available because we’re very thorough when it comes to providing statistics. And the best part is that you can access that data, too.


Heres how:


Our API is free and currently in beta. It provides most of the things you can see on our website. The only requirement is to create an account, with which you can then request an API token (both free of charge). It’s already used by many people and companies and you can become one of them.


Customized data reports

Our website already provides you with a lot of insight. Sometimes, that’s not enough, though. For clients who need to be well-informed and up-to-date, we provide customized reports. Those reports are created out of several so-called “data streams”. Here’s an example:

Data Stream 1: new gTLD registration numbers
Data Stream 2: Registrar

With those two streams, we can provide you a report telling you how much domains of a certain (or more) TLD(s) a registrar actually registered. You could also just use a single Data Stream, i.e. Registrar, to get the registration (and/or drops/transfers/renews etc) statistics for one (or more) registrar(s). The more Data Streams being added to one report, the more complex the calculations become. But at the same time, you’ll get a lot more insight.

No matter how complex a report is, though, clients can issue a new report manually with a click of a button. Once requested, our system will start calculating and notify the client when the report is done (usually between 5-40 minutes). The report will be filled with the latest data, only a few hours old, before our systems update again. Depending on what Data Streams a report will be made of, new data could be available after an hour already. And the best part is: You can generate a report whenever you want, how often you wish to. There are no limitations.

So if you need statistics, we really should be your only choice (says the COO of the company). Also, Twitter. (If you don’t get it: IMDB.)

Current and future nTLDStats

The future

You already know that we’re growing, because I feel like I mentioned it several times. The real news is that we’re restructuring nTLDStats. The details are still being worked on, but everything should be done and good to go within the next few months. As you may know, I was the Brand Manager of nTLDStats. My job was to sell every silly decision the management made. That won’t be the case anymore, because I will be appointed COO. So from now on I can make my own silly decisions that I am going to sell you! Yay!

Our presence online and offline.

OnlineA lot of people haven’t realized that we’re offering a) customized reports and b) a free API that will basically give you all the data available on our website. I will take this blog post as an opportunity to let you know that there will be another post coming up, talking about our features and why nTLDStats really should be the only new gTLD statistics site you’re visiting. right now, it’s really just about new stuff. Apart from making our services more visible, we are extending free access to usually paid services. Until now, only students had free access to our paid services. We’re extending this to interested bloggers and news websites of the domain industry soon. Details will follow and those people should keep an eye on their mailboxes for the next few weeks. If you don’t want to wait, you can just send me an email to and I’ll take care of your account.

Offline: You have asked us to meet you on events for quite a while now. And in 2016 it will finally happen. This year, you’ll probably see me in Finland, Netherlands and Bulgaria. Please don’t take those locations for granted. The schedule is still in the making and will be published when everything has been arranged.


More services.

Quarterly reports (editorial): In June 2016, you will be able to read the first nTLDStats quarterly report on new gTLDs. We will cover past and current developments and will share some longer thoughts in those reports. It will cover developments, trends, forecasts and insights. I asked for your ideas on Twitter, so feel free to give me some input. If you don’t want to reply on Twitter, use instead. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

Pregenerated reports (data): If you order a customized report from us, we usually bill you a one-time fee, given that you only want to have that report once. If you decide to get a subscription (to always be able to access the latest data), we bill a setup fee and then a monthly fee. Pregenerated reports will cover the most popular kind of data, so our customers will be able to save money. Because if you are interested in a certain type of data and we offer a pregenerated report for it, you won’t need to pay for a customized report. Pregenerated reports will be available in 2016 – sadly I can’t be more specific here. But once available, you’ll also be able to pay for them online and have them available within minutes. Over time, we will offer more and more pregenerated reports, hopefully covering what the industry wants most. And yeah, they will be way cheaper than customized reports.

There will definitely be more coming in 2016, but those are the things I’ve made up my mind about as of now. Also, of course, a lot of features. We’ll see how many we’ll be able to actually implement, because it’s always a tricky thing to do. But I am confident that you will see at least some changes.


Contact me

Skype: denis.ntldstats

Registrar GA Launch Performance

Or: Who is wearing the trousers. Did you miss me? I certainly missed you, but I have to tell you that my absence had good reasons! At some point, we became famous (can you imagine?) and if it goes on like this, our ad placements for 2016 will be all booked out in a few weeks! We receive so much mails every day and our servers are crying for mercy – it’s amazing! Finally I earned enough money to buy the 1995 Fiat Panda (after I sold my 1989 one)! But enough of the chatter, let’s dive in, shall we?

Making posts about statistics is always interesting, since there are several groups – each with their own individual interests and goals – following the happenings at nTLDStats. Depending on the content of the posts, some groups can then assume a more relaxed position, bathe in the light of glorification and be the red-caped heroic champion in the nTLD-era. At least for as long as the coffee break from our readers last. And others … well I always think of Scar from the Lion King. Being in his dark cave and then someone reports to him that “they” (which is us) discredited him (Scar in this case, don’t lose track here!) again (Hello spammers! Hi Mom – I’m on the internet!).

I always like poking the bees nest. Let the heroes be the heroes – like in this post GoDaddy! Or 1&1 Internet! Or united-domains! Yay, cheers and champagne! Why? Well, because if you want to have the highest chances of getting your desired domain name for a new gTLD, those companies have proven to be the ones to go with. And while those companies can enjoy their three-minute-coffee-with-sugar-and-milk-break-fame, I’d like to point the fingers at those who also have high “grabbing”-numbers like our heroes, but only serve a hand full of TLDs (2-7 compared to 300+).

But beware! Me wouldn’t be I if I wouldn’t stop right here and let you (Hi! We probably already e-mailed each other a few times!) complete the picture I want to paint yourself. Because obviously there must be a source for all those aaaa111.TLD domains, no? So yes, I enjoy poking the bees nest. But I never stay for the mayhem. Enjoy! 😀

So here is what I have for you:

The Registered 24h column shows the summary of how many domains have been registered for each individual TLD the specific registrar serves 24 hours after launch (holy moly what a sentence). Total GA starts tells you how many GA-periods of any TLD the specific Registrar participated in. Last but not least, the percentage tells you the first number as … percentage. So GoDaddy with their 118k registrations within the first 24 hours across all TLDs has a 10% slice of the GA-number-pie (including toppings).



I have added the same statistics for 1 hour after launch (instead of 24 hours after launch) and it only gets more interesting! united-domains and 1&1 Internet – forming the United Internet Group – clearly leading, punching GoDaddy way back! But wait! Where is ZDNS? ZDNS is out – out! No ZDNS in the top 10! drops microphone



RegistrarRegistered 24hTotal GA Starts% of all, LLC118.47231410,66%
1&1 Internet SE100.9643229,08%
united-domains AG95.5623498,60%
Uniregistrar Corp56.0812005,04%
Alpnames Limited48.09174,33%
eNom, Inc.35.1723213,16%
Name Share, Inc.32.16222,89%, Inc.31.0923392,80%
Tucows Domains Inc.31.0913342,80%
1API GmbH29.4833492,65%
Network Solutions, LLC28.4942362,56%
101domain, Inc.23.8894072,15%
Chengdu West21.910191,97%
Cronon AG19.9262501,79%

Registrar Groups

RegistrarRegistered 24hTotal GA Starts% of all
GoDaddy Group 203.99931618.35%
United Internet AG 197.16336117.74%
Rightside 69.7843506,28%
Uniregistrar Corp56.0812005,05%
Alpnames Limited48.09174,33%
Name Share, Inc.32.16222,89%
Tucows Domains Inc.31.0913342,80% 29.5212452,66%
1API GmbH29.4833492,65%
101domain, Inc.23.8894072,15%
Chengdu West21.910191,97%
KeyDrive Group 21.8733941,97%
Deutsche Telekom 20.1202511,81%
PSI-USA, Inc. dba Domain Robot19.4512721,75%

1 Hour



RegistrarRegistered 1hTotal GA Starts% of all
united-domains AG87.5273307,86%
1&1 Internet SE87.4123087,85%, LLC55.8102985,01%
1API GmbH24.3263252,18%, Inc.21.8013161,96%
101domain, Inc.18.6503781,67%
Tucows Domains Inc.16.4603061,48%
eNom, Inc.16.3342941,47%
Cronon AG15.6752331,41%
Blue Razor Domains, LLC12.2522531,10%
Wild West Domains, LLC12.2242511,10%
Go Australia Domains, LLC12.1842521,09%
Go Montenegro Domains, LLC12.1452491,09%
PSI-USA, Inc. dba Domain Robot12.0602611,08%
Go Canada Domains, LLC12.0222561,08%

Registrar Groups

RegistrarRegistered 1hTotal GA Starts% of all
United Internet AG 174.93934115,71%
GoDaddy Group 140.59230012,63%
Rightside 41.6543283,74%
1API GmbH24.3263252,18%
101domain, Inc.18.6503781,67%
Tucows Domains Inc.16.4603061,48%
Deutsche Telekom 15.6752331,41%
PSI-USA, Inc. dba Domain Robot12.0602611,08%
KeyDrive Group 11.8983731,07%
Alpnames Limited10.81150,97%
Gandi SAS10.6592900,96%
Chengdu West 8.982170,81%
EnCirca, Inc.7.328300,66%
CSC Corporate Domains, Inc.5.8053040,52%